School of Beauty & Hair Therapy

Hair Dressing Certificate 6 months KNEC
Diploma 9 months KNEC
Beauty Therapy Certificate 6 months KNEC
Diploma 9 months KNEC
Cosmetology(Beauty Therapy & hair Dressing) Certificate 9 months JP-UK
Diploma 11/2 Years JP-UK
Adv.Diploma 2 Years JP-UK
Make up Certificate 1 month JP-UK
Nail Art Certificate 1 month NITA
Massage Therapy Certificate 3 months NITA
Facial Certificate 1 month NITA
Manicure Certificate 1 month JP-UK
Pedicure Certificate 1 month JP-UK
Barbering Certificate 3 monthS JP-UK
In the School of Hair and Beauty, we are giving the best training in cosmetology and beauty therapy. Areas of training include nail technology, hairdressing, massage, and cosmetology. Training with us gives you the best experience as we have just the right facilities needed. The students also get a chance to exercise their creativity in this art of beauty. Successfully trained graduates get employment in beauty parlors, spurs and others get to initiate their own beauty stations as entrepreneurs.
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