Academic Programs

At Atlas, All students study and work in specially designed lecture rooms, Where they have access to well-equipped Computer Labs for research across the College and are supported by instructors highly skilled in their craft and learning processes. At Atlas, Students practice inquiry-based learning, Reaserch-based learning and are informed by highly skilled and self motivated Tutors who are academically well-developed in theoretical and practical positions. Discussions between students in different subjects and in different Levels are promoted and encouraged. We expect our students to display self-motivation , which form the basis for originality and risk taking. We promote the absence of boundaries, as the basis for real interaction and innovation.

Academic Departments

Atlas is comprised of Seven departments, from Business to Computer Studies. A sample of our departments and their unique focuses are summarized below. Please browse the Links for more information.

School of Business

The School of Business was established in 2010. Since then, the School of Business has rapidly expanded its variety of programs in terms of major and minor subjects, as well as enhances its intake of the best and the brightest local and non-local students. We currently offer Advanced Diploma programs From Gretsa University with the following specializations: Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Management, Management Studies and Marketing and International Business and Global Management . . Visit the School of Business page for more information.

School of Accountancy

Atlas School of Accountancy offers quality accounting education and research, Accountants today are expected to participate extensively in the general area of business management. The profession of accountancy is becoming increasingly divergent, encompassing such areas as financial and operational auditing, management advisory services, operations research, information systems development and assurance, financial reporting, corporate tax planning, and cost analysis and control. Visit the Accountancy Program's page for more information.

School of Community Development

Atlas College's Community Development Work program prepares you for an interdisciplinary field that incorporates economics, research and an understanding of cultural diversity. If you are interested in this offering, you should have a strong desire to build healthy communities and make a difference in the lives of others, have excellent teamwork skills and be willing to continuously learn. The programme is intended for a wide range of practitioners, especially those wanting to work in the different areas of community upliftment in Local Government, with NGOs and corporations with corporate social responsibility programmess or training and development. Visit the Community Development Program's page for more information.

School of Secretarial Studies

There is a strong need for professional and ethical secretaries all over the world, and secretarial courses play an important role in meeting this need. Companies are continuously looking for competent and hard-working secretaries to take care of various administrative tasks. One of the best aspects about choosing to work as a secretary is that you will have the option of working in almost any industry. Every industry or sector needs secretaries. This provides you with a wide range of options, opportunities and possibilities. Visit the Secretarial Studies Program's page for more information.

School of Language

Atlas College School of Languages was founded on March of 2002 and emerges in Nairobi to satisfy the need of our community to learn a new language that allows them to develop more as individuals in our society in all areas. Learning a foreign language is absolutely another evolutionary step that we don’t have a choice but to take on in order to remain competitive. Atlas College is the place where learning and fun meet! Our professional and enthusiastic staff brings experience and knowledge to the table. We take pride in our instructors and students. Visit the School of Language Program's page for more information.

School of Computer Studies

Since it's inception in 1998, Atlas College has been committed to the best IT education and has been continuously scaling new heights in the field of Information Technology. Atlas College Offers Quality training for smart career in the IT field, which measures up to international standards. Visit the Computer Studies Program's page for more information.