What is so cool at actHub?

At actHub, we understand the needs of the community, graduates, Entrepreneurs and like minded people who desire to polish, sharpen and refresh their skills that employers, the job market and clients need.Thats why we avail trainings,mentorships and nurturing that boosts your proffesionalism for confidence to venture in the job market and also start your own businesses! With our state of the art technology infrastructure, systems/computer systems, devices and fast fiber optic internet connection, we assure you best of experience in town.We also allow Individuals, Businesses, organisations and researchers to use our facilities for their research upon agreed terms.University and College graduates with technology and entrepreneurship academic backgrounds can really benefit in sharpening their skills to a level that can place them in a position to secure jobs or even start their own businesses. Through our intense training,mentorship, guidance and nurturing programs, trainees leave the hub confident with themselves.enroll Today by dropping us a message and begin your career success journey.