Atlas College

We’ve been providing quality education for over 15 years. But age hasn’t slowed us down. Atlas strives to build on our prestigious history, developing courses and nurturing graduates that will shape the next 150 years. When you join Atlas, you join a unique community at one of our three campuses, which reflect the subject areas studied there. You’ll be surrounded by computer programmers, Graphic designers, Business minds, and linguistic writers with similar passions and interests as you.

Atlas College has supportive environment and encourages collaboration and creates enthusiasm among our students. Our teachers help you develop and push your creative boundaries, while giving you the space and time to explore your subject area and to find your own style.

Join Atlas College and join a community that’s dedicated to helping you reach your highest Dreams and creative potentials.

Our continuing mission

At Atlas, our mission is to be a dynamic and innovative college of excellence in teaching and community service through provision of high quality education.We believe it is our duty to show students how to best use their tools and best communicate their message across. We exist to educate.

Atlas Map & Directions

Atlas College

Jam Street
Eastleigh, Nairobi Kenya
Next to Alihidaya Mosque


Public transportation is plentiful in Nairobi, If you are traveling from the Nairobi Town to Eastleigh (Atlas College), you can take a Public transportation service Along Tom Mboya Avenue (Enroute Number 6 or 9 to take you to Atlas College Branch One ,, Once in Eastleigh alight at Jam Street , for a fee of 50Kenya Shillings (about half a dollar) one-way cost.